Revised 01/01/18

Q. Can I travel in my own wheelchair?

A. Yes, absolutely! You can use your own manual or electric wheelchair. The wheelchair must be less than 32″ wide (wheel to wheel width).  Our vehicles (MV-1) meet or exceed ADA requirements.

Q.  Can you provide a wheelchair?

A.  We can provide a standard sized wheelchair upon request.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. We accept cash and major credit cards. The payments are due at the time of transportation unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

Q. Are you a taxi service?

A.  No. We  are a specialized transportation service for seniors, disabled and special needs individuals needing assistance.

Q.  Do I share the ride with other passengers?

A.  No.  We provide transportation for only you and your party.  This isn’t a ride share service.

Q. What are your fees?

A.  We charge a $20.00 pick-up fee each way, then $4.00 per mile.  You will be charged $40.00 per hour if you ask us to wait for you (for example if you’re at a doctor’s appointment).

Q. Can additional passengers ride with me?

A.   Additional passengers from your pickup location ride for free. In addition, we are happy to accommodate your service animal. We will not charge extra for additional passengers or service animal to come along with you. Our MV-1  Limo vehicles can accommodate one wheelchair passenger plus three ambulatory passengers (a service animal may count as one ambulatory passenger).

Q. Can my service animal ride with me?

A.  Yes!  We have seatbelt harnesses for dogs.  You might want to bring a seatbelt harness or cage if your service animal isn’t a dog.  Service animal safety is just as important as your safety.

Q. When will I incur additional charges?

A.  When our driver needs to wait more than 15 minutes for you when picking you up at departure or destination location ($10.00 for each 15 minute period).

Q.  How about airport pick ups?

A.   There is no additional charge if your plane is late (life happens). DO NOT call the driver before your bags arrive. Make sure you have your luggage in hand and are at the designated pickup area when you call the driver.  Our drivers are subject to $200.00 fines if they are at the pickup area more than a minute.

Q.  How much advance notice do I need to provide before booking a transport?

A.   We recommend booking at least a week in advance.  We can sometimes squeeze you in with 24 hours notification.  Follow up with a phone call if you book through our website.

Q.   How much advance notice do I need to provide before booking a holiday transport?

A.   Call as soon as you make plans!  We tend to book far in advance for holidays.  For example, we are completely booked for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day 2 weeks in advance.  We maintain relationships with other providers so we can refer you to a trusted provider if we’re not able to accommodate you.

Q. What are your hours of operations

A.   Disabled on the Go Transit, Inc. operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including holidays. Our professional and courteous customer representative can be reached by phone day or night.

Call (630) 972-0023 or Contact Us  if you have additional questions or would like to learn more about the services provided at Disabled On The Go Transit, Inc.